CPR Teddy and CPR Teddy, Jr. are no longer available.

The staff of Trainikins regrets this inconvenience to you, our loyal customers. CPR Teddy and CPR Teddy, Jr. are no longer available from our previous supplier.

TRAINIKINS is indefinitely suspending business.

We will continue to provide some accessories for existing CPR Teddy manikins through our parent company;

Elcare Innovations, Inc.
1208 Rocky Branch Drive
Forest, VA 24551.

The masks are a new revised design, with a clear plastic mask and a more rigid tubing to the polyethylene air bag. Made in the USA. Pricing will be the same as the old masks. Any prior institutional pricing will continue to be honored. Shipping and handling will be as stated below.

The 2010 upgraded manikins are not available, however a workaround is possible to make the older 2000 or 2005 guidelines bears you might have on hand current and usable with 2010 guidelines. We will provide a voice CD with the revised prompts at no cost to existing owners of CPR Teddy. You will pay only a $ 5.00 flat rate shipping and handling charge for each CD mailed to a USA address. Make check or money order out to TRAINIKINS and send to the above address. No sales tax please. Don't forget to provide your name and mailing address.

To use the upgrade with CPR Teddy, set the Teddy to operate in silent mode. Press the desired paw twice to set the chest piston LED module for the appropriately matching force setting (Infant or Child). Play the CD in any compatible CD player. Track 1 is Infant, Track 2 is Child, and Track 3 is a chant counting at the 2:30 ratio of breaths to chest compressions.

An edited version of our popular Video by CPR Instructor, Marcy Thobaben is expected in July 2012. Check this website for continuing announcements.

PRICES:5-Pack masks$19.95 per pack (5% sales tax if Virginia address)
 2010 CD VoiceFREE
 2010 DVD Video$19.95 each (5% sales tax if Virginia address)
SHIPPING & HANDLING: Flat rate $5.00

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